Add Bitcoin Payment Option to Website

buy_now_large-cac4e1e8d97c83a62dc249573c5afb3fThis easy tool will allow website owners to easily and seamlessly add a bitcoin payment option to their website. use the below code and add it as a text widget for WordPress. if you do not have a WordPress site, a manually crafted text space, or implementation in the home page directory, should do the trick.

<a class="coinbase-button" data-code="4d4b84bbad4508b64b61d372ea394dad" href="">Pay With Bitcoin</a>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

It has multiple uses and attributes. These include:

  • integrating into a shopping cart
  • payment occurs in an embedded window, so visitors are never directed to an outsource source (curse you, PayPal)
  • instantly added to wallet, which can then be instantly cashed out
  • allows for first time users to purchase with bitcoin
  • callback features allow buyer to receive message upon confirmation of payment as well as confirmation of order being sent and/or processed
  • various currency converters

Buyers- use at your own risk! Look at the overall design of the website or do your research before making a purpose. Add ‘web integrity’ features to see if the website is legitimate, and always contact customer service to see if a proper response is obtained. Use caution and common sense while buying.


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